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FOR TMRW is a lifestyle house in exploration of beauty & wellness. 

Inspired by the creativity, elegance, and spirit of the women in my family, we pursue moments of visual joy through color & ritual.

FOR TMRW specializes in long-lasting, non-toxic nail care. Our products are free from the 10 most harmful chemicals commonly found in nail polish, and are vegan, cruelty free, recyclable, and made in the USA. 

Hi, my name is Maia and I'm a huge clean beauty advocate. 

In 2018, I became pregnant with twins and my cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer. During this time, I began learning about the disproportionate amounts of toxic ingredients in beauty products marketed to women of color, and found navigating ingredient labels very confusing. After experiencing this difficulty, I decided to create clean beauty products that encourage women to indulge in self care rituals that are safe, enjoyable, and luxurious. 

I'm also a former mental health clinician. 

Guided by my values in holistic wellness, and my background as a mental health clinician, FOR TMRW uses color psychology to empower women in their self care rituals and sense of abundance.